[WIP] John Reese (Person of Interest)

I’m still here. It’s just been a busy week, at least by my hermit-like standards.

Anyway, a while back, I promised kronos251 and savhcaro that I would post something with John in it. I was going through my stack of unfinished drawings and found this one with the grid, lineart, and some elementary shading done. Seeing as I didn’t really have anything finished to share with you, I decided to do another WIP post. The first picture shows where I’m at now, the second one I took a little earlier, obviously. Didn’t think to take a picture of the drawing upon discovering it, though. Oh, well. 

We’ll see how this one turns out. Lots to be done, but so far I think it’s going good. 

Thanks for your continued support, fellow Tumblrs :)